Firefighting supplies FAQs

Firefighting backpacks are designed to fight forest, brush, and rubbish fires. They are ideal for quick responses in case of spot fires, ember attacks, and more.

Choosing the right fire pump involves the following steps:
Gather fire water-supply information
Calculate required flow, pressure, and pressure boost.
Choose a firefighter pump with flow demand between 100% and 150% of rated flow; around 115% to 135% range.
Also, choose one with a performance curve where the pressure boost is sufficient at flow demand.

If you’re not sure which fire pump or hose is best for your needs and requirements, visit one of our Queensland stores today or contact our team. Our experts with 10 years of experience in the industry are happy to assist.

Firefighting hoses are used for high-volume transfer. However, if high pressure is not needed, you may choose a rubber-coated fire hose with a large diameter. Otherwise, choose a smaller, jacket-lined hose.

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