PVC Black Fire Reel Hose

PVC Black Fire Reel Hose

A flexible, sturdy heavy-duty hose with a ribbed PVC cover for use on Fire Hose Reels or in firefighting applications.


  • Fire resistant
  • Tube: Black PVC
  • Reinforcing: Polyester
  • Cover: Black ribbed PVC

This heavy-duty hose, designed with a ribbed PVC cover, offers exceptional flexibility and durability, making it ideal for use on fire hose reels or in direct firefighting scenarios. Its fire-resistant properties and sturdy construction ensure reliable performance in demanding situations. Whether for industrial use or general emergency response, the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is engineered to meet the challenges of fire control with efficiency and safety.


Hose Construction and Material

Tube Material – Black PVC

The inner tube of the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is made from high-quality black PVC. This material is chosen for its fire-resistant properties, ensuring safety and reliability in high-temperature environments typical of firefighting scenarios.

Reinforcement – Polyester

To enhance its strength and durability, the hose is reinforced with polyester. This reinforcement ensures that the hose can withstand the rigors of use in firefighting, including exposure to high pressures and challenging conditions.

Cover – Black Ribbed PVC

The outer cover of the hose features a black ribbed PVC design. This not only contributes to the hose’s robustness but also provides additional grip and ease of handling. The ribbed texture ensures the hose is manageable even in wet and slippery conditions.


The combination of these materials in the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose’s construction results in a product that is not only durable and reliable but also specifically tailored for the demands of firefighting. Its design focuses on ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments.

Key Features and Benefits of PVC Black Fire Reel Hose

Fire Resistance

The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is designed with fire resistance as a top priority. Its construction materials are chosen to withstand high temperatures, making it a safe and reliable choice for firefighting applications.

Flexibility and Durability

This hose offers an excellent balance of flexibility and durability. Its flexible nature allows for easy handling and quick deployment, while its heavy-duty construction ensures long-term durability, even with regular use in demanding conditions.

Versatility in Use

The hose is versatile enough for various firefighting scenarios. It is well-suited for use on fire hose reels, providing a reliable solution for quick response in emergency situations. Additionally, its robust design makes it suitable for direct firefighting applications.

Ease of Handling

The ribbed PVC cover not only enhances the hose’s durability but also improves grip, making it easier to handle during use. This feature is particularly beneficial in emergency situations where quick and efficient handling is crucial.


The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose’s combination of fire resistance, flexibility, durability, and ease of handling makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of firefighting needs. Its design and features ensure that it can perform reliably in critical situations, providing peace of mind and effectiveness to firefighting professionals.

Typical Applications of PVC Black Fire Reel Hose

The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is designed to be adaptable and effective in a variety of firefighting scenarios:

Industrial Firefighting

Its robust construction makes it suitable for industrial environments where fire hazards may involve chemicals, high temperatures, and abrasive surfaces.

Emergency Fire Response

The hose’s flexibility and ease of handling make it ideal for quick deployment in emergency fire response situations, particularly in urban settings.

Fire Hose Reel Applications

Specifically designed for use with fire hose reels, the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is a reliable choice for buildings and facilities that require a ready-to-use firefighting solution.

General Firefighting Tasks

Its versatility and durability also make it suitable for general firefighting tasks, including in commercial and residential properties.

The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose’s adaptability to different environments and its performance under challenging conditions make it a valuable tool for firefighters and emergency responders, ensuring safety and efficiency in critical situations.

Why Choose All Hose & Valves for PVC Black Fire Reel Hoses?

Trusted Quality

At All Hose & Valves, we prioritise quality and reliability in all our products. The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is no exception, offering top-tier performance and durability. We ensure that our firefighting equipment meets rigorous standards to provide you with the best tools for the job.

Expert Guidance

Our team brings expertise in firefighting equipment, offering guidance to help you choose the right hose for your specific needs. We understand the challenges of firefighting and are committed to providing solutions that enhance safety and efficiency.

Wide Product Range

Alongside the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose, we offer a comprehensive range of firefighting equipment and accessories. This variety ensures that you can find all necessary tools and equipment for your firefighting and emergency response needs in one place.

Customer-Centric Service

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. From product selection to after-sales support, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and satisfying experience, ensuring that your requirements are met with the utmost attention and care.


Choosing All Hose & Valves for your PVC Black Fire Reel Hose means partnering with a provider that values quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to equipping you with the best tools to effectively handle your firefighting challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions about PVC Black Fire Reel Hoses

What makes the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose suitable for firefighting?

The hose is designed with fire-resistant materials, including a black PVC tube and ribbed cover, and reinforced with polyester for strength. Its construction makes it suitable for high-temperature environments and firefighting applications.

Can this hose be used on any fire hose reel?

Yes, the PVC Black Fire Reel Hose is specifically designed for use with fire hose reels. Its flexibility and durability make it compatible with standard fire hose reel setups.

Is the hose durable for industrial use?

Absolutely. The hose’s heavy-duty construction and ribbed PVC cover provide high abrasion resistance, making it ideal for industrial environments and frequent use.

How easy is the hose to handle and deploy?

The hose is designed for ease of handling and quick deployment. Its flexibility and ribbed cover offer a good grip, making it manageable in emergency situations.

What are the maintenance requirements for this hose?

The PVC Black Fire Reel Hose requires minimal maintenance. Regular inspections for any signs of wear and proper storage are recommended to maintain its longevity and performance.

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