Hose Clamps FAQs

Hose clamps are designed to attach to hose fittings and to assist with stabilising and sealing the hose setup. This helps prevent any moving fluids from escaping around the join areas of hose configurations, which before the introduction of hose clamps was a common problem.

In choosing your hose clamp you should consider:
- the specific use case (automotive? Chemical? Marine? Industrial?)
- The clamping diameter
- Required band thickness
- What type of liquid will be passing through the hose?
- What are the conditions surrounding the clamp? i.e. extreme heat
- What level of corrosion resistance does the clamp need?
If you’re not sure which clamp is right for your application, our team has decades of industry experience and can happily advise you on your best options. Drop in to one of our three Queensland store locations and view our full range.

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