Ducting FAQs

Our ducting sizes range from 25mm up to 300mm but can source larger sizes upon request
We generally stock the grey Plastiflex ducting and clear Polyurethane ducting as stock lines but can source other types as requested. Turnaround time is usually 2 days.
Various factors will come into play to determine the type of ducting that is required e.g temperature, flexibility, what is being transferred through the ducting. Our helpful sales staff will be able to determine the type required via phone, email or in person in store.
The most efficient duct shape is a circular duct. A circular duct minimizes the amount of turbulence and resistance to airflow as the air moves through the duct. This results in less drag on the system and higher efficiency. Additionally, a round duct is easier to clean and maintain than a rectangular one.
Ducting equipment is important because it transfers air from one point to another. This is necessary in order to maintain a consistent temperature in a building or to move fumes and smoke away from an area. Additionally, ducting can be used to improve the air quality in a building by filtering out contaminants.

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