Marine, Caravan & RV FAQs

Incorrect fittings can cause leakage in your pipes; the consequences of which can range from mild economical/efficiency costs to total system failure. Ensuring you have the correct fittings from a reputable supplier will give you the best chances of preventing leaks once installed.
It varies a little by the material and what the fittings are exposed to, however, we carry only the best quality products on the market, and they are designed to last a lifetime - most manufacturers even have a product guarantee of 25 to 50 years. Check with us if you have concerns about the lifespan of any of your hoses, valves or fittings.
Most RV and caravan manufacturers use standardised 12mm or 15mm hoses, but if you’re not sure it costs nothing to ask our team - and could cost a lot not to ask!

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