What specific pumps do you offer?

All Hose & Valve offers the following pumps on our product page: RV Supreme Pump 3.0GPM 12V, Pump 1.3GPM 12V, Macerator Pump 12.0GPM 12V, Bilge Pump 2000GPH 12V, Bilge Pump 1500GPH 12V, Bilge Pump 1100GPH 12V, Bilge Pump 500GPH 12V, Automatic Bilge Pump 1100GPH 12V, and Automatic Bilge Pump 750GPH 12V

How do you use a raw water strainer?

Raw water strainers are most commonly linked with inboard engine cooling systems. A strainer is required on every boat that pulls in outside water to cool the engine, whether the raw water travels directly through the engine or through a heat exchanger, to keep weeds and other debris from entering the pump.

Some of the many brands we supply

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