Galvanised Steel Hex Nipple Fittings

Galvanised Steel Hex Nipple Fittings

Hex Nipples can be used to join two female pipes together and to change a female pipe into a male pipe. This is a length of a long straight pipe with male threads on both the ends. This is used to allow plumbing to be connected to a water heater or other plumbing obstacles. Galvanized Iron Pipe Nipple is widely used across automotive, cement, chemical, paper, pharmaceuticals as well as engineering related industries.


  • Highly durable
  • The centre of the fitting has a hexagonal section that is grasped by a wrench while assembling
  • Temperature resistant making them ideal for use in air conditioning, plant engineering, gas lines and lubricant pipework
  • This pipe fitting can connect two female threaded fittings


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