What are brass flare fittings used for?

If you apply Teflon tape or pipe sealant on any flare ends, you won't get a leak-free seal. Grease, oil, and thread sealant should not be used near the flared end of the fitting.

How tight should flare fittings be?

Flare fittings only need to be nipped up slightly when assembling. Over tightening can cause the flare to bulge and will effect the flare joint sealing correctly which may cause leaks.

Do flare fittings need sealant?

Flare fitting threads are not tapered and do not need to be sealed. The flared end of the pipe/tube and the tapered face of the other side of the fitting form a seal. The threaded collar's sole purpose is to provide force to produce a seal between the two ends' opposite tapers.

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